At Hands United, our vision is a world where those enslaved by human trafficking can become overcomers flourishing within the wider community.

The Hands United program relies on a holistic approach to individual restoration. We work with human trafficking survivors to heal physical, psychological, and sociological damage. Starting with a focus on individual self-development, we continue to build on this reinforced foundation.

We believe that a family unit is crucial to a healthy, transformative journey. Of course, there are many versions of a family unit; traditional(reuniting), foster, and/or nontraditional family units within the Hands United organization.

As our residents move into their second year in the program, we initiate the introduction/reunion of the family unit into the curriculum. This allows both the family and the resident to build healthy communication skills, and establish a trusting relationship.

We continue the relationship with our residents through mentorship, monthly group counseling sessions, and alumni events.